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Product: M3 Holographic LED Screen
Place: Shenzhen
Screen Size: 6 m²
Installation method: Mounting On Glass
Date: 2022 / 06

In a shopping mall in Shenzhen, a different kind of poster has been put up — M3 LED holographic screen made by MUXWAVE. To be precise, this is a transparent “electronic poster”. It is not only thin and beautiful, the thickness of the screen is less than 2MM, the weight of each square meter is only 6KG, can be bent, cut, flexible and easy to use, just like a large “film”. It uses a special adhesive, the equivalent size of 600 kilograms per square meter, firmly attached to the transparent glass. Among them, the M3 product with the pixel spacing P3.91 can achieve 80% sensory permeability. The color scale is a true 16 bits, and the display is more vivid. The product can form a strong sense of three-dimensional suspension when displaying. The exquisite structure design of LED display and high transparency makes the scene before and after the screen and the picture in the screen three-dimensional integration, providing the public with an immersive experience space. As the light-emitting components in the LED holographic screen adopt the self-developed integrated design of lamp drive, single point and single control can be realized, so that each LED lamp bead is the “power source” and drives itself, so the maintenance is very convenient.

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  • Comprehensive quotient super
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