Founded in 2012, Shenzhen Muxwave Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, design and sales of high-performance digital- analog hybrid integrated circuits. Its products are widely used in urban landscape lighting, smart home, and smart charging, security communications, industrial control, commercial display and other consumer electronics applications. Over the years, Muxwave has always adhered to the business philosophy of independent innovation, technology first, and continuous improvement, and continued to provide customers with various high-quality, high-performance products and solutions.

Based on the precipitation of IC technology and the advantages of continuous research and development, with rich intellectual property accumulation and stable supply chain guarantee, Muxwave has invested in the establishment of a wholly-owned intelligent manufacturing enterprise integrating chip packaging, SMD production, and holographic LED screen R&D and production, serving high-end customers, via providing unique high-quality, high-performance holographic LED screen products and overall solutions that integrate light, transparent, smart, thin and other characteristics.


With technical development, LED holographic display screens have appeared as a kind of brand new information media. They are favorite products in the display industry because of their advantages such as easy installation and see-through display. The LED holographic display screen of our company ( “product” for short) has independently developed innovative driving mode and product architecture. Its design concepts include “daylighting” , “see-through” and “environmentally friendly” . Taking ultralow static power-driven design as its core technology breakthrough point, it has high resolutions and are safe, energy-saving and reliable. It is widely used in advertising media, commercial display, stage performance and high-end consumption display occasions.

Please read this WI carefully first for standard installation and correct operation in installation and use. Failure to follow the installation method herein, or failure to use conforming parts may result in product faults and/or personal injuries.